10 Philly Instagram Photographers You Need To Follow

Has your Instagram feed been slacking as of lately? Well no worries, we are  here to spice up your Instagram feed by giving you 10 Instagram photographers you NEED to follow. I guarantee your love for the city of Brotherly Love will continue to exponentially grow by following these Instagram accounts.

Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself!



CCPhilly is an Instagram account run by street photographer Dave (@daeufer). His Instagram has a collection of amazing shots ranging from the everyday vernacular found throughout the city to the beautiful natural landscapes that exist on edges of the urban landscape.


DeadPhilly explores within the shadows, in the decaying urban environment and lurks within the crowds at sold out concerts. This guy is a great account to follow for all the urban explorers that love to see the Philly skyline at night. With the occasional backstage shot of a sold out show around Philly.

Repent • #deadphilly A photo posted by deadphilly@gmail.com (@deadphilly) on

Higher highs, beyond rooftops • #deadphilly A photo posted by deadphilly@gmail.com (@deadphilly) on


SavePhilly is another great Instagram account for the urban explorer within every instagrammer. SavePhilly curates pictures taken by other fellow Philly instagrammers that consist of a graffiti filled environments, and a variety of abandoned area throughout the city. Although, the shots I find to be most captivating are the ones where people manages to climb their way on to countless rooftops  within Center City. These adventurous yet ballsy pictures produce some breath-taking view of this beautiful city.

#savephilly Photo: @chrisallmeid A photo posted by #savephilly (@savephilly) on

You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. (Photo: @yabisyab) #savephilly A photo posted by #savephilly (@savephilly) on


HiddenCityPhila is an Instagram account curated by @mmbixler @woodzuki @nathaniel.popkin and @mauleofameria. The name HiddenCityPhila pretty much speaks for itself, capturing the beauty within Philly architecture that we often oversee or ignore. They also do a marvelous job of documenting the retro and rustic parts of Philly that still exist.


PhillyLoveNotes is basically here to remind you why exactly you moved into the city of Brotherly Love. PhillyLoveNotes does a stunning job of accentuating the vibrate colors of nature. I also love this account because of the picture of the interiors of Philly homes, makes me want to cancel my lease and move into one of those pictures.

When the BF Bridge turned into the Golden Gate (only better) #whyilovephilly A photo posted by Philly Love Notes (@phillylovenotes) on

So many little lights. #citylife #whyilovephilly A photo posted by Philly Love Notes (@phillylovenotes) on


Austinxc04 is another urban explorer who manages to give life to scenes within an abandoned infrastructure. He simply unravels the beauty within urban decay.

(115) “You chose your path rotting your mind. It’s too late to turn back” -HW A photo posted by Nitsua (@austinxc04) on

(92) Last time I was here was exactly 2 years ago. Recently came back and a lot has changed. #abandoned A photo posted by Nitsua (@austinxc04) on


DarrenBurton_ is a  Philadelphia photographer that produces dazing compositions through his photography. Darren likes to expand beyond just documenting skyline view. He prefers to capture the elegance within his daily activities.Follow him as you witness the alluring beauty of Philly through his lens


TheMusies are your go to college music delivery service. Not only are they keeping you up to on the newest music releases , reviews and everything else that is happening in the music world. They are also practically covering a different concert around Philly everyday. Which means their portfolio is stacks with hundreds of outstanding concert photographs for you to live vicariously through. so give them a follow to stay up to date on all things music related.


StreetDept is run by Fishtown born photojournalist who enjoys “discovering art on the streets of Philadelphia”. One thing Conrad Benner does really well is uncovering the dazzling art pieces slapped across city facades all over the city. Since Conrad is also a photojournalist, he does do a bit of traveling which allows you to occasionally explore the art within other cities along him without having to leave your beautiful city.

Elevator to the top… #PhillyFromTheTop #VisitPhilly A photo posted by Conrad Benner (@streetsdept) on

It’s beginning to look a lot like… #Christmas #DilworthPark #VisitPhilly A photo posted by Conrad Benner (@streetsdept) on


Last but not least, StateofPhilly is a must follow as we document the stories we cover through our photography. Our staff photographers are here to provide you with some of the best concert and event photography around the city. We also like to spice it up a little bit by throwing in a meme here and there to brighten your day. Give us a follow as we document everything that is Philly and all that other jawn.

@GreatGoodFineOk killed the stage and got the crowd grooving by the end of their set A photo posted by State of Philly (@stateofphilly) on

The Humble preforming their last show under the name Mo Lowda and The Humble at the Foundry A photo posted by State of Philly (@stateofphilly) on

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