Beauty within Urban Decay

Philadelphia, like many other metropolitan areas around the world grow and develop so rapidly, that many existing infrastructures are often abandoned and forgotten. Theses urban ruins are often the result of the urban sprawl. Which allows the infrastructure to enter a phase of decadence and the claws of nature begin to latch onto its decaying bones.

Although, the clashing of man-made infrastructure and the hands of nature begins to create an urban landscape that distinguishes itself from the city fabric. This distinction between the inhabitable city landscape and the uninhabitable urban ruin is what often intrigues the interests of urban explores. These urban explores find a profound beauty within these spaces that allows them to escape from the everyday vernacular.

One can only really experience the beauty of these urban ruins in person but lucky Philly by Air and CUTSDATFLO are able to document their experience for your viewing pleasure.

Philly by Air‘s video ‘Abandoned Philadelphia’ does seem a little on the ominous side. Although, that ominous feeling and the want to understand what used to happen in those building is often what attracts people to these buildings.


CUTSDATFLO‘s video ‘Long Gone, Still There’ better captures the beauty and experience one might have within an abandoned structure around Philadelphia.



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