Cory J Popp is Back At It!

Our beloved friend Cory J Popp is back with another one of his beautiful master pieces. This time he is back again capturing the majestic beauty of the iconic Philadelphia Art Museum in 4k. Watch as Cory takes you on a journey throughout the day at the art museum. He captures it all in this video from the busy view of the parkway, to the iconic rocky steps and statue, to the magnificent beauty within the walls of museum. Since it’s also shot in 4k the amount of detail throughout the video is refined and captivating. From the detail of the Corinthian and Ionic columns throughout the buildings to the about of detail captured within the art work within it. Check out for yourself.

Also, since Christmas is two days away and we still yet to have any chance of snow in the near future. We will leave you with this so you can remember how beautiful the city looks during the winter when there is actually snow during Christmas.


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