Gear You Can Buy in Honor of the Pope’s Visit to Philly

So… In anticipation of the Pope coming to Philly the weekend of 26th, people are making some interesting stuff. Here are some items you may want to cop for next weekend. Or hell, for whenever! Sport some Catholic swag with the following items.


“West Buenos Aires, born and raised…”- (Will Smith voice)

The Pope loves you. Wit’ whiz or witout.

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I wonder if the Pope has a mean left hook? According to his Wikapedia page, Francis used to be a bouncer.

Yeezus would wear them.

Breakfast of holy men!

“Pope is Dope” gear can be purchased from Etsy. A portion of all proceeds will go to Sisters of St. Joseph at Chestnut Hill.

Of course if you want to make REAL Pope-Tarts, you’re going to need this…

pope toaster

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