Loco Prices at Loco Pez


Loco Pez  is located in lovely neighborhood of Fishtown on the corner of East Norris St. and East Susquehanna Ave. There is no place around like Loco Pez, they distinguishes themselves with unique casual dinning layout that make your experience real laid back and mellow. Their menu offers a wide selection of tacos, burritos and quesadillas, they even offer a cowboy menu for you gringos. But, If you’re anything like me you’re on a constant struggle of ballin’ on a budget. Which in that case Loco Pez is the place to be when you want to stuff yourself with 10 tacos for 10 dollars or treat a girl to a nice date. Although their menu is quite affordable they only offer dollar tacos, 1/2 off nachos, and margaritas for 4 dollars once a week. The only catch is you wont know when they’ll have dollar tacos until the day of and if you follow them on twitter @locopeztacos (Hint: its normally either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday). The deal only starts after 5 and it has a tendency to draw a crowd because their nachos and tacos are on point so get there sooner than later if you want to snag a table with the homies or boo before there is a wait!  P.S: the spot is cash only






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