Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival Recap

Last Sunday I took a break from the end of the semester madness and headed over to the Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival, and I’ve finally climbed out of my food coma to write this article. Main St was closed to cars but open to pallets from all across the city and surrounding areas. Tons of food trucks lined the street and the smell drifted all the way into East Falls.

The first stop we made was at The Farm Truck, a Fishtown based food truck specializing in quality ingredients which are properly sourced. I decided to go for the pork taco topped with sriracha mayo, pickled jalapeños, and a sesame ginger slaw.

Farm Truck Sign Farm Truck Pork Taco

The crunch of the slaw let me know right away how fresh these ingredients truly were and left a clean taste in my mouth until I picked up my next plate.

The next truck we hit wasn’t something I went into the day looking for, but the second I saw the honey sriracha fried chicken from Chewy’s I had to stop. Honey sriracha is something that’s getting big right now, but most people don’t stand out based on their version. These guys do. The flavors were perfectly blended and warmed into a nice heat that lingered until the next bite. The pickles served on the side were homemade and delicious as well. I highly recommend checking out this truck if you catch it out and about around the city.


Humpty Dumplings was a money motivated choice that paid off in a big way. The 3 for $5 sign drew me in, but the cheesesteak dumplings have me writing to you now. I was expecting some run of the mill Chinese restaurant cheesesteak roll take on a dumpling. Thank God I was wrong. Quality beef and cheese exploded out of a perfectly fried dumpling and stopped the conversation I was having at the time in its tracks. I also had the strawberry, jalapeño, beef dumplings, served with a jalapeno strawberry sauce which made for a well-balanced dish.

Humpty's Dumplings

As I was waddling back to my car, a familiar scent hit my nose, porquetta. I rolled over to the truck and split two sandwiches, both Italian classics. The first was a traditional roast pork sandwich topped with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe. Nuff said. The other sandwich was their take on a chicken cutlet sandwich, piled with red sauce, roast peppers and parmesan cheese. Safe to say I was pleased with my visit to this truck.


All in all, I can’t really think of another way I would’ve liked to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. The only downside was I missed out on the asparagus dish from Farm Truck Philly the entire street was raving about because they sold out before I got back to their truck. I’ll see you guys in Fishtown soon.

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