Philly Cops Say “No Savesies”

When everyday objects like chairs, trash bags, and milk crates become the means of  saving your parking spot through the day, you’re participating in the common practice unofficially known as “savesies.”

This video does a good job explaining the spirit of savesies in Philly.

Savesies is a long standing tradition in Philly, and like a lot of things here, it gets competitive, fast.

Philadelphia Police Sgt Eric Gripp decided to make an official statement on savesies recently. He was quoted saying the following on

“Savesies has never been something we flat-out ignored, but things have unfortunately gotten out of hand the last few years, with arguments, fights, confrontations and we even had shootings, unfortunately.”

To reinforce their stance on savesies, the Police posted this video to Facebook a few days ago.

Philly Mag even ranked their top 8 #savesies tools the other day, including classic items like the recycling bucket, the lawn chair, and the traffic cone + broom combo.

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Be on the lookout for more acts of savesies around the city this week, but most importantly, stay safe and try not to start a fight with your neighbors.

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