Taxis In Raging Protest Leads to Great Reddit Thread

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Yesterday afternoon,  hundreds of angry taxi and Uber Black drivers surrounding City Hall in collective protest against UberX and Lyft. In recent months, the taxi industry has been suffering dramatically due to the insurgence of UberX and Lyft. Collectively, UberX and Lyft have flooded the taxi industry with a more convenient, friendlier, and affordable service. This has resulted in more people starting to use these services more frequently than their unfavorable counterparts.

As hundreds of protesting taxi and Uber Black drivers congested the areas around City Hall by parking in the middle of the road. It quickly ignited a Reddit thread filled with hundreds of commentaries in favor of UberX and Lyft services. As the comments began to pour in, It became obvious that the dislike against the Philly taxi industry is shared mutually with a large majority of Philadelphia or at least the ones who use Reddit.

Some of our favorite comments about the protests include…

[–]tomyownrhythmSouth Philly 8 points


[–]LunchDrunk 2 points

I’ll be home in Philly for the holidays and totally forgot Uber was an option until I read this thread. Thanks protestors!


[–]I-take-beast-shits 84 points

I’m going to organize a protest against credit card machines in cabs tomorrow. Those machines seem to always be “out of order” whenever I drive in these luxurious cabs.

[–]1LtKaiser 14 points

Taxi driver: ignorant idiot who causes chaos and is whiney. They want to be slick by refusing your credit card and cry when someone else who doesn’t replaces them. Not very polite. Drives an old smelly car with sticky seats. Most don’t speak English. May take over 2 hours to pick you up or not show up at all.

Uber/lyft driver: for the most part is someone with a day job who is making a little extra money. Those who drive full time are chatty and polite and have a story to tell. The cars are clean, have bottled water and sometimes snacks available. Encountered one with a karaoke machine in the form of an iPad connected to the radio. Will take directions from you if you want to take an other route. When you encounter a bad one, you never get matched with them again. Picks you up in a few minutes.



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