WATCH: Welcome to Kensington, Philadelphia. Heroin Capitol of the USA


“Kensington is the place that is changing for the better every day. Now is a place that is getting cleaned up…”

“Kensington is speed ball heaven”

“Kensington is the bottom of the bottom”

“Kensington is… well a lot of cops, a lot of drugs, a lot of crazy people, but it’s got a good heart at the end.”


Everyone in Philly knows about the dope problem Kensington has suffered through in recent years. This epidemic ultimately ended up helping Kensington win the name  “Heroin Capitol of the USA”. The name itself resonates with citizens of Philadelphia as a place that should be avoided. Kensington is intimidating to most people, but there are inhabitants of this neighborhood that are not dope fiends and drug dealers. Kensington is a diverse neighborhood that has been going to a dark period but the people in the neighborhood have stuck it out from the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This video brought to you by “People of SEPTA” goes into the Kensington neighborhood and interviews the fellow community to seek out their opinions about Kensington in their eyes. I can’t imagine some of the people they must have encountered during the process of creating this video. The final outcome of the video  puts it into perspective that Kensington is just another neighborhood within the Philadelphia community, that has gone through some recent challenges that need to be addressed in order to improve the quality of  live within this area


If you have never seen the effects of heroin on someone you can watch one here. Be advised that it might be hard to watch for some people because when people are doped up they lose all sense of awareness and being.



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