Breaking! Soon You’ll Be Able To Buy Pizza At Urban Outfitters!


Yeah, you heard me! I’m talking about real pizza. That cheesy stuff that we all love will soon be available for purchasing inside certain Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters just pulled a power move on Monday after announcing their plan to acquire all Vetri Family group restaurants. This comes after  suffering a tough year financially where stocks nearly dropped 8 percent.


The Vetri Family group restaurants have two locations in Philadelphia and one in Austin, Texas. Which means there’s a good possibility that we will all be able to enjoy a delicious piece of Pizzeria Vetri pizza as we sift through the racks at Urban Outfitters. More details will be released later this afternoon but in the meantime people of Philadelphia rejoice!


I think it’s a smart move on Urban outfitters part because who doesn’t love pizza?! Chances are that I’ll probably be visiting Urban Outfitters a little bit more now.

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