Explore Philadelphia with Rising Filmmaker Jonah George

Freshman year of college is undoubtedly one of the most significant times in the lives of many young adults. It is not uncommon to get lost in all of the experiences, only to look back and ask yourself, “Wait, did all that actually just happen over the last 9 months?!” For Temple University freshman and aspiring filmmaker, Jonah George, this does not appear to be much of an issue; he is documenting his life on video every step of the way.

Jonah is what the internet commonly refers to as a vlogger. From the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep, Jonah gives you a direct window into his life as a college freshman on an almost daily basis. Some of his video titles include: ‘My Favorite Part of Campus’, ‘Biking to the City at Midnight’, ‘Missed My 8 A.M’, ‘First Day of Classes!! Temple University’, ‘Flying a Drone in my Dorm Room’, and ‘This is Why I Love Philly’, just to name a few. In an era where practically everyone has a smartphone with a camera, it does not take much skill for someone to film and edit together a video of their day and label themselves a “vlogger”.

However, this is where Jonah really stands out. With Jonah’s videos, you experience professionally done cinematic scenes, giving you a movie-like repac of his day-to-day life. The quality of Jonah’s shots and edits have not gone unnoticed. It has recently propelled him to collaborate with viral YouTube channel ‘Adrenaline Addiction’. We sat down with Jonah to discuss all this and more…


Q. Explain your background in film?

A. “I’ve been messing with filming and editing since I was a kid. Like I remember just having fun making videos that were really bad quality with my friends when I was in middle school. As I got older, I started getting better at filming and editing. And in high school, started getting some freelance jobs for places around where I lived. At Temple, I’ve sort of made a name for myself around campus for being a vlogger, or as like, ‘That guy that always carries around a camera.’ ”

Q. How did you get into vlogging?

A. “I’ve been making videos of a while now, but this past summer I was trying to make the most of everyday. Like I wouldn’t just sit around my house; I would alway be out hiking or doing something cool with friends. I typically would have my camera on me, but wouldn’t always film a lot of the time, and then would regret it after. So, I just tried to start making videos of everywhere I went. Vlogging has been really good for developing my skills because it’s forced me to make almost a short film everyday I do it.”

Q. What made you choose Temple?

A. “Back in high school, I toured a few different schools that had top of line film programs, but didn’t really feel like I fit into the environment of any of them. Temple was really welcoming, I really liked the professors and the campus. I love Temple so far. So I definitely think I made the right decision.”

Q. What do you typically watch on Youtube?

A. “I honestly don’t watch too much Youtube, just because I know that if I watch one video, I’ll end up watching another video, and then another video haha. I try and stay focused on stuff I have to do, but if I am just bored sitting around my dorm, I’ll typically watch something informative like a tutorial on how to do something. If I’m watching a vlog it’s typically from someone like Casey Neistat, who shoots very similarly to how I do with cinematic scenes, but on a much bigger scale.”

Q. How would you describe your style of filming and editing?

A. “Oh wow, that’s a hard question! I don’t have a solid way of describing it. I really like doing smooth shots and don’t typically use very many GoPro shots. Like, I try and go for a third person view and don’t really like shooting in first person. This comes out a lot more in my cinematic video, where I’m not really in front of the camera that much.”

Q. How did you end up linking up with Adrenaline Addiction and Joogsquad?

A. “I actually met Chase (Adrenaline Addiction) through YouTube. At the time, I was just sort of going places and making videos. I had the idea to make a cliff jump video at popular spot near where I live called, Peace Rock. This video got a lot more views than others I had made at the time, being a fan of Adrenaline Addiction (137K Subscribers), I sent Chase a message linking to the video. I didn’t hear back for a while, but eventually he commented back on my video and said that he was down to collaborate. We ended up shooting a couple videos, becoming friends, and the rest is history. Chase got the opportunity to do a collaborative video with the Youtube channel JOOGSQUAD (2.4M Subscribers) a month back and brought me to Vermont as his filmer. It was definitely one of the best weekends of my life.”

Q. I found out about your channel after noticing that you were wearing a Temple University sweatshirt in the background of a Joogsquad video and now we’re grabbing lunch. Is it cool or scary how something so simple such as a shirt can bring people together in such a digital age?

A. “Haha it’s definitely more cool! Like I can see how it might not be. Maybe you don’t like the attention you’re getting from being in a video. At the same time though, I also wouldn’t have linked up with Chase if it weren’t for the internet and wouldn’t have had a bunch of the opportunities that I did.”

Q. How is the DJing going?

A. “It’s good. I’ve done a few parties now around campus and have a gig coming up back home. I also want to start producing my own music soon. I’m actually planning to check out a few music stores on South Street later today.”

Q. Anything/one you want to plug?

A. “I guess, check on my channel and Adrenaline Addiction on YouTube. Also, go watch my friend Brandon’s videos. He does daily videos and is a more of a “Temple Vlogger” than I am. I’d also like to thanks my mom and dad for supporting me, even when I get into trouble for filming in places I shouldn’t be, haha.”

Thanks again to Jonah for sitting down with us!

Jonah’s Social Media:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MixingThatMusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonahgeorge_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonahgeorge/
Snapchat: JonahGeorge14



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