WATCH: Philly Without Cars

A few weeks ago, Pope Francis blessed the city of Philadelphia with his presence for the World Meeting of Families. Not only was this a historical moment for the city, it also meant a once in a life-time opportunity to see the Pope on U.S soil to hundreds of thousands of people. Drawing nearly two million people from around the country into our city of Brotherly Love.

Although, there were mixed emotions among city residents on what to do during the weekend of the Pope Madness. Thousands of residents fled the city to avoid the expected chaos. While others braved the journey into center city  in  hopes of witnessing Pope Francis drive by in his Popemobile, or just to witness this historical event with their own eyes.

I am personally  made the decision to make my journey into the city just to experience this once in a life-time opportunity. At first, I was taken back by the amount of military personal that was present throughout Center City. For three days Center City made Philadelphia feel like a military state, which I really hope I never have to experience that ever again ( made me feel like the purge was about to start any minute) . In addition to the ridiculous amount of military personal, There were enough porta potties throughout the city to give everyone in a small village their own bathroom. Even though there was an overwhelming amount of people, security, and porta potties, Center City was transformed into something of beauty.

So if you happened to opt out of going into the city to experience the Pope madness.  Don’t worry because Cory J Popp captured it all to provide you with a captivating video of how beautiful Philly looked for a weekend without cars.

“For three glorious days, Philadelphia’s streets were carless, leaving the streets completely open to pedestrians and cyclists,” writes Popp about his latest work. “This video was shot before, during and after the pope’s visit. These images are probably the rarest I’ve ever taken in Philadelphia.” – Cory J Popp


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