Review : Alex G Comes Home To Rock Out At The Union Transfers

On Thursday, April 14th, Philadelphia’s Alex G took the stage at Union Transfer.  He was graced with support from Porches and Your Friend. The perfect combination of crowd-pleasers, so much so, Alex announced they would be doing a tour again next year.


Your Friend kicked off the event at a crisp 8:30pm. If you don’t know who Taryn Blake Miller is, untangle your ear buds and prepare yourself. She knows how to enraptured a crowd with her ambient, offbeat folk. I can truly say I’ve never heard anything like it. My words just won’t do her justice so take a listen. The fluctuation of energy in her music is a rollercoaster ride.


Next up was Porches, a band fronted by Aaron Maine. Aaron’s music is extremely intoxicating, ask anyone that was at Philly’s Union Transfer on Thursday. No one showed up late to this show, the place was packed ages before Alex’s presence. Aaron made sure to make it a memorable experience. I’m not saying this because he had the entire crowd lie down at one point (Yes, you read that correctly. The entire Union Transfer stopped and dropped at Aaron’s command!). It was a memorable experience because he brought his melodic electronic jams to life.


Alex was thrilled to be back at home and made sure that it was known. It’s such a luxury when an artist interacts with the crowd as much as he did. There were times he even threw back insults at a heckler, telling everyone to kick the man out. It was all fun and games. Alex brought it back with Blink 182’s, “What’s My Age Again.” His set had a little of everything.


Another new experience for me, Alex didn’t even have to leave the stage for his encore. I mean, why walk off the stage when the crowd clearly yearns for more? Of course the crowd suggested he play, “Sarah,” as an added bonus. If you walked into the Union Transfer without any knowledge on Alex, you would be able to tell Philly is his home. His comfortable and exuberant demeanor may have given it away, or maybe it was the frequent chants supporting the Eagles and Flyers.

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Photos & Written by: Kevin Soboloski

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