An Evening with Eric Slick at Underground Arts

Last Week, Eric Slick slide through Philadelphia to kick off his tour as he gets set to release his debut solo album Palisades on April 21st. Eric Slick is more well known as the drummer for Philly natives Dr.Dog and also is one-third of the Philly Punk band Lithuania. 

Eric Slick and and Delicate Steve took the stage last Thursday for an intimate evening at Underground ArtsAs Eric Slick and his band took the stage, and immediately kicked off the evening with his latest track from Palisade  ‘You Became The Light’.


At first, the audience felt quite timid as the crowd maintained a safe distance between them and Eric Slick. Eric Slick was quick to change that, by reassuring the fans that he doesn’t bite. As the audience got cozy alongside the stage, the focus shifted towards Eric Slick and his band. The evening then transcended into a night where I was able to understand who Eric Slick is a musician and artist beyond Dr.Dog. Between the eerie echos and dissonant melodies, you being to understand how Eric Slick’s new album Palisades is inspired by meditation, death, and the exploration of self reflection.


Eric Slick will continue his solo tour on the road in 2017, playing a list of shows across the East Coast including SXSW this week. Eric Slick will also be making one more stop in Philadelphia with Tiff Merritt before the tour is over on March 29th at World Cafe Live

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