Concert Preview: King Krule at The Fillmore

By: Morgan Hart

ARTIST: King Krule

DATE & TIME: May 2, 2018 – 8:00 PM (Doors open at 7:00 PM)

LOCATION: The Fillmore

TIX: Still available, GA ($35 each + fees on

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Cosmo Pyke, Sandy, Alex G, James Blake, Alt-J

GENRE: Indie Rock, Punk Jazz, Trip Hop, Jazz Fusion


Archy Marshall, under the pseudonym King Krule, is set to play one of his final shows for his LP, The Ooz, here in Philadelphia tonight. This will be my second show in a row at the Fillmore, but this time I get to shoot for the big stage, something I shouldn’t have been surprised by considering the 23 year old’s rise to fame and popularity.  King Krule’s debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, was not only widely critically acclaimed, but unforgettable. Released four years ago, King Krule’s completely unique sound immediately made an impact on me. The voice that came from a young “emaciated Ron Weasley” looking gent was one of the heaviest I’ve heard in all of my 2010’s and still is. Not only his voice but his complimentary dreamy and broken guitar that would naturally fall into the depths of dark and cold sax was a fusion of sounds that seemed so natural yet so brand new.  


Following this fantastic album came an even more impressively constructed and matured project, The Ooz. Again, the album saw wide critical acclaim and was even ranked as the third best album of 2017 by Pitchfork. However, it wasn’t until I heard a stadium full of Temple students singing along to a King Krule setlist before a Tyler the Creator concert, did I truly realize King Krule’s popularity and college zeitgeist grasp.

I am extremely hyped to experience and shoot this concert and I can’t wait to hear everyone in unison come together with a… “SAME OLD BOBBY, SAME OLD BEAT.”


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