Concert Review : Andrew Bird Serenades an Adoring Electric Factory

On Monday night, The Electric Factory was delighted to host the very talented Andrew Bird, along with opening act Boogarins. Only four days into his US Tour and the release of his latest album “Are You Serious”, Philadelphia was eager to hear Andrew’s latest work. As he seamlessly reinvented his music, there was nothing to do but drape your eyes shut and be all ears. Well, that’s not entirely true, half the women in the venue were enamored by his looks alone. Andrew’s voice is pure and whistle powerful, the perfect mixture with his six-string and violin.

Photo: Kevin Soboloski

But prior to Andrew Bird’s vivid performance, the Brazilian band, Boogarins first took the stage for an impressive start to the evening. A psychedelic act with a stirring rhythm section and exuberant personality on the microphone. They should definitely be a priority on your “Bands to See” bucket list. Don’t miss them while they tour in the states.  I had the luxury of meeting the band members and cannot express how excited they were to play for everyone. It’s inspiring to see a group of musicians so immersed and ecstatic about their work.


Photo: Kevin Soboloski


Photo: Kevin Soboloski

Shortly after, Andrew Bird took the stage plucking his violin. It is truly an experience seeing Andrew live; your headphones just won’t do him justice. Andrew explained that he was not able to finish the song, “Bellevue” before releasing the album. After that, he kindly graced us with the full version. He is a renaissance man, basing this album from personal experiences. A big change from, “Echolocations: Canyon,” which was recorded Southern Utah’s Coyote Gulch. Who needs a recording studio when you have canyon sandstone? The man cannot sit still.
Andrew and his violin will be around the states all of this April and a good bit of May, besides a few shows overseas. With his latest album taken from the heart, he is a prime show to see.  Who knows what he will be bringing us next, all we know is that he does not disappoint.


Photo: Kevin Soboloski


Photo: Kevin Soboloski

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Review by :  Kevin Soboloski

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