Concert Review: Darwin Deez Dances Through Boot & Saddle


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On Sunday evening, The Boot & Saddle opened up its doors welcoming New York City’s indie pop band Darwin Deez on to their stage along side supporting act Charly Bliss. To kick off the night the New York City band Charly Bliss warmed up the crowd with their bubble grunge song. Front women Eva Grace Hendricks adds a type refined glittery spunk to that grungy basement show sound you would normally come across in Philly or New York City. Which curates into a sound that lands in between a combination of the spirited vocalization of Cayetana and the high energy guitar, bass and percussion of Deer Tick.

Follow their performance, the crowd quickly scrambled for their last second drinks before Darwin Deez took the stage. As I eagerly awaited for the band’s performance, the room began to quickly fill as that time to see Darwin Deez live rapidly approached. I quickly began to chat with some near by fans as they asked me a series of questions about the band, which ultimately resulted in being informed I was in-store a great performance.

After several minutes of taking to this women, the time finally came to see Darwin Deez!  Immediately after taking stage, the band aligned next to one another as they quickly broke out into a choreographed dance to the song ‘Can’t Hide Love’  by Earth, Wind, and Fire. At this point, I realize it that this Sunday Night was going to be one for the books.


Darwin Deez proceeded to continue with the show by performing a trio of songs, before the band again broke out into a dance routine but this time to the beat of ‘Freeze’ by T-Pain(or LL Cool J). These amusing antics became a regular occurrence throughout their set, which added to their electrifying performance. As the night went on Darwin Deez did not skip a beat. Playing all his classics from his previous two albums, but also played several songs from ‘Double Down‘ like ‘Kill Your Attitude’ and ‘The Missing I Wanna Do’.


Unfortunately, the night finally had to come to a close but not until Darwin Deez returned for an encore.  After, a few short minutes of the crowd chanting for more, Darwin Deez came back on stage to close out the night with ‘DNA’  following another hilarious dance routine and ultimately ending with ‘Bad Day’. After it was all said and done, every single person in the venue did not leave with disappointment. As for me, Darwin Deez’s performance was everything I expected plus even more!



Set List:

[Can’t Hide Love – Earth Wind Fire]


Deep Sea Diver

Time Machine

[Freeze – T-Pain or LL Cool J]

The Suicide Song

Kill Your Attitude

Chelsea’s Hotel

[Whip My Hair – Willow Smith]

Bag of Tricks

The Missing I Wanna Do

The Bomb Song

Radar Detector

Red Shift




[Automatic  – The Pointed Sisters]

Bad Day

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