Concert Review: King Krule at the Fillmore

By: Morgan Hart

Deep within finals-week, I was able to force a few hours out of my studies to catch and capture a mesmerizing show by the 23-year-old rising talent, Archy Marshall, better known as, King Krule.


Although touring for his newest critically acclaimed album, The Ooz, Krule opened with two songs off of his debut album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. The crowd was in it, grooving to the many sounds of Krule and his band that washed so smoothly and spaciously throughout the gorgeous venue. However, it wasn’t until his third song, and hit, Dum Surfer, did the crowd roar in excitement, singing along to all of the batty but brilliant lyrics.


Krule and company proceeded to perform a well-blended mixture of songs from 6 Feet Beneath the Moon and The Ooz. He had left little words to be said, leaving his atmospheric sounds to speak instead. Krule gave his fans a very personal and emotional experience when the masterful song, The Ooz, came around on the setlist, mysteriously leaving the stage for a few minutes in what looked like a moment of emotional despair.


However, Mr. Marshall returned to the stage with fire in his veins, performing the climax and peak of the show with a string of fan-favorites: Baby Blue, Easy Easy and his encore, Out Getting Ribs. Fans sang along to all of the lyrics they knew and were left with a haunting, punky, and beautiful show by the young Rockstar, King Krule.

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