Dr. Dog Brings Back The Psychedelic Swamp To The Fillmore [4/16]

The stage is set for Saturday evening, as Philly’s favorite indie psychedelic rock band Dr.Dog gets ready to take over the Fillmore one more time before finishing out the rest of their tour. The band made had their inaugural performance at The Fillmore only a month ago, and let me tell you… the know how to put on one hell of a performance.

Let me start by recollecting on my experience on what happened on the evening of March 14, 2016 at The Fillmore. That evening, the mood was set with an outstanding performance by Philly’s own indie folk-rock band Hop Along. Following their set, it was finally time for a crowded room of Dr. Dog fans to experience the Psychedelic Swamp. As the night went on, the crowd settled in and jammed, grooved and rocked out to an amazing performance by Dr. Dog.

Although, the night did not come to a close after their first set. Dr. Dog followed up with an encore set devoted to requests from the crowd. Not only did this make everyone in the crowd ecstatic at opportunity to decide which song the band played next, but also added another element of surprise to there performance as they began to interact with the crowd. At the end of it all, Dr. Dog played a solid two and a half hours in front of a nearly sold out hometown crowd.

I have now seen these Philly rockers about four or five times now and every time it has been a wonderful experience. From Toby’s jivy dance moves on the bass to the witty conversations the band has on stage just adds to the whole Dr. Dog experience.  So if you haven’t purchased your tickets for tomorrow nights show, I suggest you do before they sell out so you can you can experience the Psychedelic Swamp yourself!

If you still are not convinced then maybe this guys dance moves on the guitar my sway your decision. (picks up around 2:30)


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— with Christopher Willis, Ryan Briggs, Megin Adams Myers, Andrew Asmas, Hannah Brenneman, Robert B-fry Freeman, Jackie Smith and Nicholas DeLeo.







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