Review & Gallery : Dr. Dogs Rocks Out Even Harder Their Second Time At The Fillmore

The evening began as the crowd patiently waited as the lights begin to dim as Eric Slicks drum set illuminates a peaceful hue of blue. Everyone slowly starts anticipating when Dr. Dog will finally take the stage… and then it happened, Dr. Dog one by one took the stage to welcome a crowded Fillmore as they get set to play in front of a home town crowd for the second time in the past month. Theses guys weren’t fooling around, and they were ready to put on one hell of a show for their home crowd.

Feeling very well at home the band took the stage and immediately grasped the attention of every soul in the building. If I have learned anything from seeing Dr. Dog in the past, it’s that fact that they love their hometown.  You really begin to tell  from how they feed of the crowds energy,  as if they needed anymore energy to their stage presence. If you ever get the chance to catch these guys play in Philly again, I guarantee you will not leave disappointed. Below you can check out some of the photos we were lucky enough to capture.




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