Goldfish Turns Coda into a Funky Fishbowl



Philly is proud to host such an intimate show for the South African electronic duo, Goldfish! Dominic Peters and David Poole have played major festivals like EDC Brasil, Ultra South Africa, and Glastonbury, but have graced us with their presence at an up-close and personal venue, Coda. Tonight Coda is the fishbowl and I highly recommend you groove out with us. I haven’t been the same since I saw them in Michigan at Electric Forest (2015), there’s just this twinkle to my smile and pep in my step that wasn’t there before. I assure you, you will drown in jazz infused house, and like it. Doors open at 11pm, shortly after JackLNDN will take the stage to warm up the water for our friends.



It’s that time of year to start planning our festival(s) for 2017, and Goldfish will definitely be hitting the big ones. This is the perfect chance to stretch those dance legs for the storm that lies ahead. It’s never too early to prepare for festival season. The other option is to be the person who can’t time their dance moves with the beat drop. We all know that guy.

Goldfish has such an array of music to listen to, from slow tunes like, “Moonwalk Away” to electrifying beats like, “Fort Knox.” Don’t stop there, take a look at some of the music videos, my personal favorite is “Fort Knox!” On top of that, their collaborations have surpassed excellence. “Games Continued,” was co-released with the Dutch musician, Bakermat, and contains over 10 million plays on Spotify (It won’t stop there either). “The Storm” was created with DIMMI and is easily another song worth checking out. Feel free to thank me for the advice afterwards.


For those of you who can’t make it tonight, set aside next Friday and head to New York! That is, unless you want to be that guy who sprains his ankle from not stretching before festival season, you know, the same guy who jumped late for the beat drop.

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