Concert Preview: Ratatat & Hot Sugar at The Electric Factory [Postponed until 1/24]

Ratatat and Hot Sugar are on their way to Philadelphia to put on an electrifying performance this Saturday. The Electric Factory recently announced the show has been officially sold out. If you manged to snag a ticket before their sold out, then consider yourself one of the lucky few. Even though Blizzard Jonas is marching its way towards Philadelphia, the show will go on according to the venue. What better way to celebrate the arrive of Jonas than with electrifying performances by Ratatat and Hot Sugar!

“So get your snow boots on and get down wit ya cold, bad self!”

-The Electric Factory.

Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar, the New York based musician and owner of the Noise Collector record label, has songs that sample random sounds from his everyday life to create electronic beats for an experience that’s much more than unique.

Imagine yourself walking out the front door. It’s a sunny morning. You’re eating a hot and gooey PB&J until the next thing you know the beat drops and you’re sifting your way through shards of glass in zero gravity. Surprisingly, it’s friendly, simple, and gets you where you need to go.

Check out “Beer Cans & Bubblegum” and “The Child They Left Behind” on YouTube.

He’s also been gaining exposure through a featured series on Noisey’s YouTube channel.

The headlining duo, Ratatat, calls Brooklyn home and has been putting out music together since 2001 when they went by the name “Cherry.” Since then, Ratatat has become arguably one of the best known acts in the, very broad, electronic genre. The duo saw success with their self-titled debut album and followed that up with their second album, “Classics,” in 2006. After releasing two more albums, Ratatat spend time recording in various locations from Jamaica to Brooklyn in preparation for their fifth studio album, “Magnifique,” which released last year following the duo’s appearances of Governor’s Ball and Coachella. Here’s a little of preview of what you can look forward to hearing at the Electric Factory Saturday Night. This show is definitely one you do not want to miss!




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