Interview & Preview: Slightly Stoopid at Festival Pier 8/20

By: Kevin Soboloski

It’s less than two weeks away! Slightly Stoopid takes the stage at Festival Pier in Philadelphia, once again. A band that has been touring around two decades always makes it a point to drop by Philadelphia, so show some support and mellow out with these music masterminds. They have toured with big names like Cypress Hill and Dirty Heads, and this time SOJA and Fortunate Youth will be taking the stage with them. It’s the perfect show to gather the crew and enjoy a summer night at an outdoor venue. If relaxing outside isn’t liberating enough for you, Slightly Stoopid’s jams are sure to take you away.

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Brad Nowell from Sublime signed Miles Doughty and Kyle Mcdonald to Skunk Records in High School. If that doesn’t convince you to come out and have a good time, maybe my conversation with RyMo (Ryan Moran), the drummer, will convince you otherwise, or maybe you just don’t like fun. As a musician that has gone so far and achieved so much, Rymo could have easily blown off our conversation or presented a limp handshake, but that’s far from the truth.  Check out a few of the questions we discussed…


Q: What Star Wars Character do you feel would be the best addition to Slightly Stoopid’s ensemble?


A: Boba Fett, we’re all a little crazy, so he’s definitely like us, or even Han Solo.

han solo

I have no doubt in my head that RyMo knew the answer to this question before I even asked it. With a quick laugh and speedier response, he knows his Star Wars and could answer in complete confidence.

Q: Does Slightly Stoopid try to hit any favorite spots, like restaurants and pubs, when they come around Philly?


A: Of course we have to grab a good steak. We usually send someone out for pizza steak and wiz wit. We try to do this everywhere we go.


I mean, come on! They’re down with the wiz wit and make sure to appreciate the food and culture wherever they go. A band that truly immerses themselves in Philadelphia’s grub and can speak the lingo. I feel like we could have had an entire conversation only using the term, “jawn.”

Q: What would you say to someone who is on the fence about going to your concert August 20th?


A: Hop off the fence.


He’s a man who can get his point across with little words, and I would have to agree with him! This show is not something to miss. Slightly Stoopid and Festival Pier go together like, well, cheese wiz, friend onions, and greasy steak.

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