It was a cold winter night in the city of Philadelphia. The line to get into the church was long, as would be -out show. expected for a sold Everyone was getting anxious and eager outside, shivering in the below 30° weather. Finally, upon entering the church basement, the stage was like a bon-fire, where everyone packed tightly around like penguins.

With no photo-pass given to me, I had to wave my camera around and work my way to the front with an “excuse me-sorry” to everybody that I tried as gracefully and politely as possible to plow over. Once I made it to the front, HOMESHAKE had a low-key entrance and got set to deliver the show.


Peter Sagar, singer-songwriter and musician, as well as former Mac Demarco guitarist, forewarned us that he had come down with the flu. This worried the crowd as the natural reaction was to boo. HOMESHAKE made it very clear within the first few songs that despite this, we weren’t going to be disappointed.

Peter had a very fun and natural interaction with the crowd throughout the show, playing with the pitch of his voice, raising and lowering it, as he does in many of his tracks. The entire band put on a great performance and each member was able to showcase their impressive talents, individually, through solos. HOMESHAKE’S low-key stoner-psychedelic sound was accented perfectly by the colorful and trippy visuals that seemed to never repeat themselves and therefore, never get old. It got even trippier when Peter would drastically and dramatically get experimental with his synth, creating wonky and harsh sounds that would somehow sneakily and sexily transition into a song that got the crowd thirsty for the hook to sing along to.

Peter preaches his words of wisdom in the church.

Peter preaches his words of wisdom in the church.

As expected, Fresh Air dominated the set-list but a good mix of Midnight Snack and In the Shower was also presented, including a completely fresh rendition of “Give It To Me”, my absolute favorite song of 2015. However, my favorite performance had to come from “Khmlwugh”, where the band and the crowd completely fed off of each other’s energy. And so, when the studio-version of the song outs itself at the three-minute mark with the sound of blowing wind, and with no warning whatsoever, the band unexpectedly exploded into a jam of an even more energized and sexier rendition of the hook, it was simply awesome.


The show was absolutely great and I even got to talk to Peter for a minute after. I will definitely be attending the next HOMESHAKE show the next time he comes through this great city of ours.


By: Morgan Hart

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