Music Monday : Meet The Retinas

Music Mondays is our new music series, where we’ll help you start your week by introducing to you new rising talent coming out of the Philadelphia music scene.

Kicking things off today we introduce to you The Retinas. First emerging from the depths of sweaty inner city basements across Philadelphia, The Retinas are a garage-y rock  band that consists of Tom Mchugh as the front-man, John Brennan behind the bass, and Anthony Fulginitti in charge of the drums. Recently coming off the release of  their latest EP titled ‘Got Smokes’, The Retinas provide a fun head rocking, no fucks giving sound with their high-paced rolling percussion, catchy guitar melodies and seductively reverbed vocals. According to their Facebook, some of their biggest influences consist of a variety of beers, like Genesee, Flying Fish IPA and PBR, which probably helps them put on kick ass shows. Be sure to be on the look out for these guys over the next year!

You can catch them play at  Otliebs on January 6th. 

Personal Favorites: ‘About You’ , ‘Problem with the World’ and ‘Devil Stretch”

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