Reel Big Fish Celebrates The 20th Anniversary of, “Turn the Radio Off!”

Philadelphia’s Fillmore was hit with reggae, punk, and ska (1/19). Ballyhoo! launched off the night followed by Anti-flag then Reel Big Fish.


(Reel Big Fish’s Lead Vocals — Aaron Barrett)


(Anti-Flag’s Bass Guitarist — Chris Barker)

Anti-flag brought high-energy stage presence jumping off amps and tossing mic-stands. They never fail to jump into the crowd, always getting up close and personal with the fans. Such a passionate band, there is no doubt that all the acts Thursday contained skilled performers. Anti-flag had two men come on stage, promoting bone marrow donations and raising awareness of whale poaching. They even had the disco ball running at one point (For those of you who don’t know Anti-flag, this was a joke).



 (Anti-Flag’s Lead Guitar — Justin Sane)

Reel Big Fish is celebrating the 20th Anniversary release of, “Turn the Radio Off,” and played the album in its entirety. There was never a dull moment, from a kid crowd surfing to Aaron Barrett (Lead Vocals) encouraging everyone to get to know the person on their right and left. Aaron even uttered, “Hope those people got their child back.”


(Reel Big Fish’s Trombonist — Dan Regan)


(Reel Big Fish’s Bass Guitarist — Derek Gibbs)

At the end, they had the crowd guessing which song they had yet to play off the album. The crowd screamed out, “Beer” but, of course, Reel Big Fish began to play The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’, “The Impression That I Get.” This was not the first time Aaron messed with the crowd. He had alluded to playing a Smash Mouth song and proceeded to play The Offspring’s, “Self Esteem.” There is a reason that Reel Big Fish has been doing this for over twenty years and can still put on a killer show.


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