Taking Back Sunday 20th Anniversary Tour hits Franklin Music Hall Day 1

Written by : Lindy Quick


Shoulder to shoulder – Taking Back Sunday has fans in Philadelphia. The band stopped by Franklin Music Hall for two nights, out of a year-long international tour; spanning the seas to celebrate their 20th anniversary of mic swinging, high-energy, genre-defying sound.


Twenty years later, and vocalist Adam Lazarra, guitarist John Nolan, drummer Mark O’Connell, and bassist Shaun Cooper are still making rock music; but, on the Twenty tour, they’re taking it back to Day 1. The first night kicked off with You Know How I Do, the first track on their debut album, Tell All Your Friends. As the lyrics go, “so crush me baby, I’m all ears.”



The band played the Tell All Your Friends album in full, and in no time the crowd was singing to the poetic lyrics, Lazarra was violently, yet gracefully, swinging the mic, and nostalgia of the early 2000’s emo scene emanated in the air. 


Next came the coin toss between Where You Want to Be, the band’s second studio album, and Louder Now, the band’s third studio album. A toss between two gold records; it was a win-win. Louder Now came out victorious, and so another hour of rock music ensued. I was ready for another coin toss – another album – but it was time to go home. A lot of people went to sleep happy that night. 


Until next time, you band of musical misfits.


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