The Musies Present | Review: Oliver Heldens at Sound Garden Hall 11/7

Concert Review: Oliver Heldens at SoundGarden Hall 11/7

Last weekend, 20 year old Dutch producer blessed the souls of Philly’s EDM community with a mind blowing performance with his innovate Future House sound. Throughout his set you could tell that this man truly has a passion for what he does. He even took the time between songs to step back and soak the crowd in as he casually danced and shuffled along to his set. It’s absolutely that this talented man is only 20 years old!



Honestly, guys like Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens  who are barely old enough to drink are among some of the most electrifying and exciting DJ’s to see perform live. If you ever have the opportunity to see Oliver Heldens play I highly recommend you don’t sleep on it cause tickets will sell out fast!  Luckly, our homies over at The Musies  have a full review of last Saturdays  show so you don’t have to feel left out.  The also were also to capture some great moments from the concert , so if you were there you can relive the moment.


and HERE

oh and HERE!


Below of some of the photos of Oliver Heldens and P.S 118 we were able to capture ourselves.

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