Red Brick Craft Distillery : Their Story

Meet the whiskey warriors who are distilling their own whiskey straight out of their distillery in Kensington, Philadelphia. Red Brick Craft Distillery was founded by Zach Cohen and Brian Forrest who are two friends that share a passion for whiskey. These guy are not only just making whiskey in their distillery but also working on coming up with their own craft beer and rum as well. I wanna meet these guys and shake their hand because the about of detail and craft that goes into their products is absolutely commendable.

Check out their story below!

Red Brick Craft Distillery is hoping to lead the way in transforming Philadelphia a destination for craft distilling. As a fellow whiskey lover I am all for more craft distilling in Philadelphia, the more the merrier! Now I just have to get my hands on some of that delicious sounding whiskey.

Zach and Brian, if you are reading this how about you hook it with a free bottle.

You can also check out how their custom whiskey barrels are made below.


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