TAUK and their New Year Resolutions

TAUK, a band that illustrates talent in more genres than I can count, is coming to Philadelphia, January 5th. TAUK has played alongside Umphrey’s McGee and Widespread Panic, among countless other names. They will be at The Theatre of Living Arts opening for none other than (cue the drumroll) Lettuce! It’s the perfect way to kick off the year.

Have you set your New Years Resolutions? Here, let me snag that pencil from you and kick this list off.

#1) Your personality needs more TAUK

#2) Your diet needs more Lettuce

#3) Get out more

I mean, come on, what did you expect? All right, take a deep breath and let us move on so I can tell you more about our entertainers. TAUK has played a bunch of big festivals, including but not limited to, Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and The Peach Music Festival (In Scranton!). This quartet is heavily equipped with a variety of instruments that will guarantee an enjoyable time. The four members each have their primary instrument including guitar, bass, keyboard/organ, and drums.

This tour is dedicated to supporting their latest full studio album, “Sir Nebula” (Which is under 1320 Records, STS9’s Record Label). Check out their video for the song titled, “Horizon,” it illustrates how different liquids react to different frequencies. There is no doubt that this band has made it this far due to their tightness and seamless transitions, not just talent!

My favorite description of TAUK’s genre has to be gritty funk, but labeling the genre of this band is not an easy task to do because of the plethora of styles they have pursued and made their own. Jam band will have to do. Make sure to grab your tickets and plan your night accordingly. January 5th is going to be a night for the books, and I hope you join TAUK and myself at The Theatre of Living Arts for some incredible gritty funk.

Here are a few questions I was lucky enough to ask them!

What kind of New Years Resolutions can we expect from the TAUK crew?

I feel comfortable saying that the TAUK crew is looking forward to eating more food in 2017. We’re going to band even closer together to find the most savory, delicious, decadent, mouth-watering meals all over the country. Food is a collective band interest that we will conquer.

What bands have inspired TAUK to become who they are today?

We always try to absorb inspiration in many forms and sometimes that means listening to newly released music or digging through old records. Recently I’ve found myself listening to Childish Gambino, Gallant, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper, and Chance the Rapper’s latest studio releases and enjoying the soundscapes used in each.

When Alric “A.C.” Carter wears his Guinea Pig t-shirt does he commit to his character and drink from oversized water bottles?

Ain’t nobody drinking from no giant water bottle.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about going to your show January 5th?

We love what we do. Our hope is when people see and hear our passion it will resonate with them. Also, its always a blast playing with Lettuce. They’re great musicians with great energy.

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