The Districts| Live a Les Inrocks Philips Festival

It’s without a doubt Philly rockers The Districts have made it big in the states. I’m not saying that they’ll be headlining Bonnaroo 2016, but I wouldn’t be surprised they made another appearance this year. I mean they even played at Glastonbury this past summer, that’s amazing! ¬†Although, before they “made it big” in the states they were already extremely popular overseas. For a matter of fact The Districts were just over in France just a week after their homecoming performance at The Electric Factory to play at the Les In rocks Philips Festival. You can check out them perform two of their hits “4th and Roebling” and “Bold” below.

Man, Its crazy these guys are barely old enough to drink and they’re performing in front of thousands of fans! I even saw them perform a secrete show around Temple University about a year ago where they performed under a different name and no one treated them any more different from all the other bands. (shhh…Don’t tell their manager)

From a very proud fan, stay humble you guys.


If you weren’t lucky enough to see them deliver a performance like no other in front of their home crowd. Lucky for you, our friends over at The Musies had full coverage of their performance with a review and photo gallery!


and HERE! 



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