Tweed/Wax Future Announce Show in Philly & Drop Latest Collaboration, ‘Tweed – RL WRLD (Wax Future Remix).’

Tweed and Wax Future Co-Headline Underground Arts Friday, February 17th. After a year of heavy touring (150+ Shows), the door to see them in the near future is closing! This will be an intimate event and the perfect opportunity to take in Wax Future’s remix of Tweed’s “RL WRLD.” Check it out (Link is  below) and keep scrolling for an exclusive StateofPhilly interview.


If you can’t make it to Underground Arts, make the trip out to Club Café in Pittsburgh where Tweed is playing with Chalk Dinosaur (3/2). I had the luxury to ask the band members who inspired them, making them who they are today; Each band member has a long list of his own inspirations, yet there wasn’t a single repeat. Their list contained such an eclectic selection: Tame Impala, Justice, Hot Chip, Toro y Moi, STS9, The Disco Biscuits, and Lotus. The variety of genres they listed was immense and explains, “Tweed’s evolving dance party style,” which ranges from old school jazz to proggy metal. Keep an eye out for StateofPhilly’s review of the show to learn about the band’s gear.

Let me leave you with a couple Q&A’s, I hope to see you there (And yes, AJ quoted Kool & The Gang)!


Is there anything outside of music that you do to rejuvenate your creativity?

Joe: We spend a lot of our days on the road hiking and checking out local parks. I think being surround by nature and greenery are a huge rejuvenation to the spirit and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that. Additionally, I’ve found yoga and meditation to be a huge help in balancing myself and continually being creative and productive. Whenever I need some personal time to think, I’ll go out for a skateboard ride around my neighborhood too.

Dan: I need to get in the ocean periodically. It’s my eternal reset button. I love exercise and outdoor stuff and I definitely find yoga to be helpful in my daily routine. Writing, reading, and cleaning all bring a certain element to my level of creativity at home and on the road.

AJ: Sometimes I sleep.

Jon: I like to check out what other creative people are doing. Music is great, but it’s really inspiring to me to go to shows and festivals that go the extra mile to incorporate other elements into their environment. When there’s people painting, crafting, doing visual art, giving massages, and performing with their bodies in a million different ways, it feels like much more of a community and it is really beautiful and inspiring. I also love to exercise my personal creativity through cooking and I’ve been getting into sewing because ya gotta look fresh.


What would you say to someone who is on the fence about coming to your show in Philly on February 17th?

Joe: Tweed is just getting started. We are continually pushing ourselves to make every show better than the last and create original material. There’s never a time like the present to see something you’ve never seen before and meet great new people.

Dan: See you when you’re ready.

AJ: How you gonna do it if you really don’t wanna dance? By standing on the wall?

Jon: We’re gonna blow the roof off.


For event info and tickets, visit the following links: Event Info and Tickets.

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