WATCH: Soup For The Soul

Brandon Kamin is a filmmaker from Philadelphia who likes to focus his work on community, outreach, Ethnography, Performing Arts, and things that make him happy. Recently, he went out and made a video where he went out into the city and enjoyed a nice hot bowl of soup with strangers as he got to know them.

This video definitely gave me all the feels.  You might not know the stranger that sits next to you on a park bench or the subway, but all it takes is a simple conversation to brighten someones day or even turn their life around. It’s especially important around this time of year where everyone gets too caught up in their own hectic lives, they often forget to give a helping hand to someone in need. Any random ask of kindness can go along way, even if it helping someone stay warm during the cold winter months or just helping them get a meal for the day.

Now go out there and be a good person! READY… BREAK!


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